National Sports Day, unlike Valentines Day is a low profile day. I would not hesitate in asking to make it National Cricket Day and then more people will celebrate it. However that’s not the complain nor the reason why I am writing this post today. The National Sports Day has just thrown me into the recent past when I used to indulge into sports that made me sweat, raise my heart beat, and made me feel alive. Today sports mean video and mobile games. Children get thick spectacles on their eyes but their body remains sluggish and dull due to lack of physical activities. As they grow up, they flock to Gym to carve muscles and gain or lose weight – again machines into play. Machines rather play well so do the computer programs than the human. In my childhood even my Dad and other people of his age would do lot of playing and that’s why they all are fit even in their Sixties.

National Sports Day
National Sports Day

There are multiple reasons why the play has become an indoor activity. One main reason is unavailability of playing spaces. Games like Cricket, Football, and Baseball need good open space which is a rare thing these days. In the jungles of concrete, the gardens are planned but most of the times are converted into community halls. People of the habitat like this as they can use the community hall as a place to celebrate their good days. Now children if play on road, run a risk of being hit by mindless drivers. Also the ball that often hits the window of a nearby house doesn’t come back. And even if it does, the cost is evacuation of playing place.
Helped with societal dictatorship, children play it safe; they remain indoor, get indulged into TV games, and end up wearing thick spectacles.
So parents themselves have to decide that what kind of childhood kids are having. A home packed or free one. An outdoor game not only keeps kids fit and energetic, it also let them learn lessons of life. They fight and then learn to control their emotions. They win and shout in ecstasy. They lose and then learn that it is just a part of a day of a huge life. They learn to celebrate their win with the one who lost it – thus humanity grows. They learn to share – so that one brings a bat, other brings a ball, and so on.
National Sports Day is celebrated in the memory of hockey magician Late Dhyan Chand. And if you ask kids of today, they’d have probably not seen a hockey stick. Yes, the weak people keep one to protect themselves in a road fight. Hockey also is our national game but there is no encouragement to this game. I don’t compare Hockey with Cricket. And popularity of Cricket it Cricket’s own achievement, it cannot be blamed for being popular. But yes, the people who love Hockey do nothing to protect the legacy apart from censuring the government and cricket.

Those who know hockey can give free lessons to youngsters. They themselves can play in a group of like minded people in a place where children could watch them having fun with a ball and curved stick that is not a bat of course. Cricket also has become popular because it could be played on streets anywhere. And that could be true for Hockey as well. So actions speak louder than words and that’s what is needed today to let our generations know what magic a Hockey or Football is.

TheUdaipur view on National Sports Day

To encourage outdoor sports in our country, schools and colleges can come forward. The day can be reserved for Tournament or the Sports week can be planned around the National Sports Day so that growing kids get an opportunity to see the real fun of life in sports. There can be inter-school tournaments for sports like Hockey, Kabaddi, Baseball etc so that students not only do participate but also prepare months in advance to make a mark. Creating an interest of real power sports is needed today so that we have a healthy, energetic, and active generation in next few years. Happy National Sports Day.

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