Many cases which are supported by the help of CCTV cameras were resolved rather quickly. Mobile phone tracking and footage of CCTV cameras have left criminals and crime more vulnerable than ever. To bring this strategy into action and bring CCTV to monitor public places, the district collector Hemant Gera has asked commissioner of Municipal Corporation to install CCTV cameras at ten spots which were among those suggested by police. Police in fact had suggested the need of camera installation at fourteen places in the city.

Traffic in Udaipur to be monitored by CCTV Camera
Traffic in Udaipur to be monitored by CCTV Camera
On Monday, August 27, the decision was taken in meeting of district level traffic management committee and was presided over by the Collector Hemant Gera.
The sensitive areas of the city will be monitored with these cameras and necessary action will be initiated in case of any doubt. Collector also asked the secretary of UIT Udaipur to install cameras to understand and implement new techniques of traffic management.

Commissioner of Municipal Corporation was also asked to monitor the functioning of these cameras and prepare a detailed report on the usability and further need of cameras so that proposals could be sent to government to get budget.

In this connection, the Civil Engineering Department of CTAE College of Udaipur presented a report on the movement, bottleneck, and pressure of traffic of various places of city including that of Suraj Pole which is one of the busiest squares of the city.

The report talks about the need of highly modernized traffic signals which operate upon the pressure of traffic from any side on a square or circle. So if one road has too many vehicles stranded, that traffic could get additional time of green signal so that the traffic could be cleared as needed.

District collector Udaipur also asked officials to ensure the timely clearance of vehicles that remain parked on squares and mess up the traffic. He further instructed officials to follow the guidelines of master plan point by point and ensure the plan gets executed properly. Collector also mentioned about the MoU between UIT of Udaipur and Department of Transportation for developing Traffic and Driving Park. This institute once completed will be used to improve the traffic situation and teach about the proper and sensible driving in Udaipur itself.

In order to understand how metro cities manage huge traffic properly, collector also called for a visit to the cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad. He concluded that the combined teams constituting of officials from transportation department, traffic police, and UIT can be sent for studying the way huge and heavy traffic is managed flawlessly.

TheUdaipur view on CCTV way of tackling Traffic in Udaipur

Plans no doubt are ambitious but their proper execution will not be that easy. Administration will have to handle the issues like encroachment, water clogging in rains, and unplanned areas of the city. Besides this the menace of parking until handled properly cannot let the traffic system function properly. Most wide roads are also covered more than half by cars and bikes. That has to be dealt clinically first.

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