How we practice corruption in our daily life without even knowing?

Corruption eradication, begins at Home!

Whoa! it’s 62nd Republic Day we are going to celebrate in 2012. Celebrations are on, preparations are on full swing and issues of corruption, constitution amendments, shunning bribe are doing rounds on blogs, news websites, and news papers.

cleaning corruption within
Let's take a pledge to make our country corruption free on the eve of 62nd Republic Day
And since it’s falling on a weekday, the fun has doubled. There will also be too many gossips and discussions about what changes we need in constitution to curb the practice and facility of bribe taking so that we can develop faster and become an developed nation.

Well, well but have we ever introspected that are we clean of corruption? Have we never exchanged bribe for our benefit? Are we really corruption free? The obvious and instant answer will No.

Come again, be true to yourself, read the following article about the corruption at home and within us to know that by knowingly or unknowingly how we are immersed in bad practices and practice the bribe giving at a lavish and large open scale.

The fine line between Encouragement and Corruption

Your kid is not paying attention to study and you have tried all the ways to encourage him. Finally you declare that if he gets 80% marks in exam, you will get him an expensive bicycle. He gets lured and works hard and achieves those elusive 80%. This is encouragement.

Now say you want your child to help you in calculating business statistics and he, as usual looks ignorant and delivers non stop excuses to avoid the help. You recall the method of encouragement that worked and you promise him a new game if he helps you. He does and you deliver you promise – Beware, this is corruption and the reward you are offering is Bribe.

If your idea is to have someone grow and achieve something for their or societal benefit, you can give away some goodies or money to let them learn. But to have someone discharge their duty, if you pay out – that’s corruption man!

Materializing your Faith in God

You visit a temple regularly. You do not buy flowers, garlands, simply pay a visit, quietly come out but pay a ten rupee note to a beggar sitting on the steps or get him a packet of biscuit. Same time a charity personal comes and demands a donation of hundred rupee. You deny and get back. – That still is charity as you fed a poor and hungry person. God will be more than happy.

On the other occasion, you get into a problem and you rush to temple and assure God that if you get rid of the issue, you will donate 50000 rupees to temple – that’s Corruption. You forgot that you cannot give anything but faith to God. And here you have settled a deal with God. Instead of offering 50000 that would eventually go to trustees and priests, you could have taken a pledge to donate one month food to hundreds of underprivileged people or bear the expense of few kids for a year or may be take responsibility of one child until she reached high school, this would have been more peace giving act, isn’t it?

We have traditions, alright! but we also have corruption and agitating it to wipe off only from Political scenario is only a part considered. Lets challenge the old useless mythologies and extend the charity to help those who need it the most. You donate to NGOs and think that you have saved children and needy people. You actually look to save tax. And many NGOs consume the money you donate easily without leaving any clue.

Introspection for Corruption within

Wherever you are, you can reach out children running behind cars on the signal. Pick anyone and start sponsoring the child for education and money. You may not save tax or get your name printed on newsletters of NGOs but you would have served the God and his people without any bribe. You will attain peace and also whatever you ask for. Remember, you cannot fool the God. So be direct and be real while you help out. And shun the Corruption practices wherever you can. I quoted couple of examples of our daily lives. There are many. And you know what to do to stand clear of corruption.

Prashant Shrivastava for The Udaipur