The Udaipur

The birth anniversary of lord Sagasaji Baavji was celebrated with great fervor across the city of Lakes. with scintillating decoration and electronic lighting, the temples wore a colorful look. Crowd was eager to have a split second glimpse of their favorite lord. The main temple at the Gulaab Bagh was adorned beautifully and people stood their for hours since early morning.

Queues that begun early morning remained long till late night. Bhajan and Keertan (spiritual songs) were sung and played throughout the day to celebrate the birth day of Udaipur’s favorite Sagas Ji Maharaj.

“I visited Sarvritu Vilaas temple of Shri Sagas Ji Baawaji where lord was decorated with ornaments made of gold and silver. His dress up was elegant and a single glimpse made my day,” says Arti Mehta of Udaipur.

The gates of the temple were opened at 7 am and a flag was hoisted at 9:30.