Vice Chancellor of Sukhadia University IV Trivedi along with registrar LN Mantri was able to achieve consensus on the implementation of much awaited Bio Metric system to record attendance. The Employee association has agreed to support the new automated Bio metric system in Sukhadia University. The said Bio Metric System will get functional from October 17, 2012.

Bio Metric System in Sukhadia University
Example of thumb impressions captured by Bio Metric System

At present Bio metric system of identification is being used in the Vigyan Bhawan premises of the Mohan Lal Sukhadia University. The student, professor, or any other employee in a Bio metric system can enter in a room or hall being protected by Bio metric technology only after biological verification and authentication process.

Simply put the Bio Metric authentication involves one or more body parts of human which are considered as unique. For example eye retina, finger prints, thumb impression are unique for every individual in the world. No two people can have same finger prints in the world. And the Bio Metric system takes the advantage of this uniqueness for the better.

In highly secure places, more than one body parts must be scanned as a part of Bio Metric verification. A combination of Retina and thumb impression can become deadly to crack.

In Bio Metric Authentication, the person places their thumb on slot on the machine. The machine reads the thumb print and matches it with the records it already has. As the records match with the thumb of the person, the gate opens for a specified time, the person enters in, and the door gets locked again.

Initially the thumb record of the person is recorded by the administrator that gets stored in a database where the thumb records of all the people are stored. The administrator can remove or add new thumb records as and when they wish so.


TheUdaipur view on Bio Metric implementation

The Bio Metric system is far better than the card swipe method of person authentication simply because in this method, the person must place their thumb on the given slot. So no one else can use the system to enter as a proxy way. This system as the Udaipur Collector Vikas Sitaram Bhale said should be installed in ration shops and all government offices so that employees can be forced to get unique and honest.

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