Love for delicious food is a very common hobby across people of all walks. But the food that you buy in market from big chain outlets necessarily burns a hole in your pocket. You can at most eat once or twice in a medium sized restaurant and you end up spending about a thousand bucks. Now, the charm of going to a restaurant cannot be denied, however, the delicacies can be brought to home with minimal effort. Famous for her home made delicacies and dishes, shipra Shrivastava has launched a website where she will post her secret recipes with the world. “I have been receiving this suggestion for a long time and now I think I should respect this talent and share recipes with the people through internet,” says Shipra who is busy in typing down all her dishes for her website.

Going free was her first condition before she nodded to launch a website. “If you sell recipes too, what will be the difference between a site and restaurant,” she argues. “I will keep everything free here and the satisfaction of my readers and friends will be my reward,” adds the chef.