Today is teacher’s day and Indian youth has got their new Guru.

Anna Hazare -A New Guru for Gen Y
Anna Hazare -A New Guru for Gen Y

This guru is not highly educated, not good with English, and does not wear branded clothes, but still he is awaking Gen Y to raise their voice against corruption, to have their legal rights, to show the power of non violence, to show that Gandhi is still living in our hearts, to make India again “A golden bird” because he is honest, selfless. He is making youth rebellions to fight for their bright future, not having weapons in their hand but just having smile on their face and strong determination in their mind to conquer the world. This guru is Anna Hazare. He wears traditional Dhoti Kurta, does not have any high qualification, does not know English very well, but still has the power to shake the chair of PM led by Dr. Manmohan Singh. This new leader is that human face of determination and courage that has the power to rise above the system.   Anna Hazare is veteran social activist and prominent leader of the Indian against Corruption Movement 2011, to exert pressure on the Indian government to enact a stringent anti-corruption law known as “Jan lokpal Bill” which deals with corruption in India.

Yet government has given a sweet lollipop in his hands but his revolution has made youth of the country awaken from their deep sleep and happy go lucky life.  This movement has given a new direction to the youth and they have been taught a new Lesson of peace and strong determination. Now youth is following this new teacher to fulfill their demands without creating any kind of violence. The powerful personality of the 73-year-old Gandhian, whose gentle demeanor and enthusiasm has advanced youth and will be the key motivation factor for them in future. According to a survey, top 20 institutions of India are teaching a new class to their students and this class is of Anna Hazare. This special class is to teach them the management mantra of peace given by Anna Hazare.

The result is that the youth who liked to wear Armani and Gucci is now wearing khadi Kurta with white cap, the youth who were blind to social and political issues, are now awakened and united together for their rights and country, the youth who spend almost 24hrs with Facebook and YouTube is now on the road to protest for their rights having a biggest weapon which is peace in their mind and smile on their face.

May be this revolution is not ended with the 100% result but this surely will affect the youth and will be a tempo for better governance and a better India.