Claire wakes up daily to a dream. The dream of a society where there is an equal and true compassion towards speechless animals. She not only dreams but also works in this direction with all her heart. First to help her in her noble cause is her parents. The family hales from America but has settled in the City of Lakes Udaipur. It’s been over 15 years of their stay in Udaipur and till date they, with the help of many others in Udaipur have rescued and treated 37000 street animals.

Claire, along with her father Jim and mother Erika founded Animal Aid Unlimited which has become synonymous to animal care and rescue in and around Udaipur.
Along with the number of animals who have been cured in Animal Aid and later released back to their home on the street, the NGO is a paradise of happy, but disabled animals. The founders are vegans and animal right activists at the national level.

Clair with Donkey at Animal Aid Udaipur
Clair with Donkey at Animal Aid Udaipur

The mission of the Animal Aid Udaipur is to promote animal protection by rescuing injured and ill street animals that are left unattended in hurt and bleeding conditions. This social cause is being well endorsed and supported actively by many local residents and communities who report suffering animals to Animal Aid.

How Animal Aid Udaipur functions?

The Trust on an average takes 10-20 emergency calls daily. Alert and compassionate people who see a stray animal lying unattended inform Animal Aid. In response, the team rushes with their ambulance to rescue the animal. Kind of injuries that the team tackles include road accident, infected wounds, maggot-infested wounds, broken limbs, falling in ditch or well, sickness, skin issues, and sometimes even pet animals who were disgracefully abandoned by their owners.

When the animal is recovered properly, the stray animal is returned back to spot from where it was picked. The person who had reported the animal to Animal Aid is contacted prior to release and requested to take care of the animal, and people do so happily. This is how the Trust is spreading awareness and love and compassion towards animals in Udaipur.

For such a responsible task the compassion and emotions are needed of course but with that you need skilled people who can operate upon crushed limbs and infected wounds. Animal Aid Udaipur has a medical team of two veterinary doctors and four nurses besides a range of care-givers. Treatments that are done here include wound dressing, fluid therapy, plastering fractures and general and regular treatment tasks like necessary vaccination, bathing, and grooming.
In a normal case the healthy animal after all the treatment is returned back to its native place from where it was picked. But there are cases when the animal is permanently disabled from an accident or is blind. Such animals are given a permanent shelter in their life long sanctuary.

Clair with playful Silver
Clair with playful Silver

Apart from the injured and ailing street dogs, the Animal Aid Udaipur also takes care of cows and bulls who had no dairy or farming use and were abandoned on the street where the only food they can find is in dumpsters. These dumpsters contain things like mosquito repellent, plastic bags and pernicious chemicals which go into stomach of these animals and leave them in disastrous state of health.

These cows also are forced to rest on roads where speeding vehicles crush their limbs. Some cows also develop their horns called ingrown horns that can result in the death of the animal if they are not trimmed in time.

All these matters are taken care by the Animal Aid. There are number of animals you can see in their shelter who are getting treatment wrapped in warmth of love.

A cordial concluding word from Clair, “At Animal Aid Udaipur, We need local VOLUNTEERS and DONORS. Any amount someone can give, even just rupees 100 is lifesaving for an injured animal. And we need volunteers who could come once a month and give care to animals. It will be fun for them to interact with animals at our sanctuary, and it will be life saving for the animals.”

How to make a donation to Animal Aid Unlimited

Method 1 Pay through PayPal

You can donate online through the website

Method 2 Write a cheque to US address of Animal Aid Unlimited

Animal Aid Unlimited (Write cheque in favor of Animal Aid Unlimited)
6900 37th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98126

Method 3 Write a cheque to Indian Address for Animal Aid Charitable Trust

Or pay in cash at the shelter in Udaipur. Or send the cheque at below mentioned address:

Animal Aid Charitable Trust (Write cheque in favor of Animal Aid Charitable Trust)
c/o Laxman Singh Rathore
49C, Neemach Mata Scheme, Diwali
Udaipur, Raj, 313001
Phn: 09829843726

Method 4 Direct Band deposit for Anila Aid Unlimited

Please contact the Shelter at or call Claire at 09950531639.