Amanishah nullah is a 48 kilometers long open canal that crosses the city and is meant to carry the sewerage water across. Over the time, people encroached the catchment area of this stream and with the time, as happens everywhere, the raw huts grew into buildings.

It was all fine until recently. The problem popped up when it rained in Jaipur heavily and due to encroachment in nullah area, the water entered the market and residential areas where it should have flown out through this canal. And then Court ordered to raze down all the illegal constructions 105 feet on the either side of the canal. Most surprising fact that has come out of entire revelation is that even the Jaipur Development Authority had approved many areas under the 90-B. Government on one hand is all set to bulldoze all the constructions in the Amanishah nullah whether approved by JDA or not, people on the other side who are getting affected are protesting.