When we talk about the Valentine’s Day the feel envelops us is rosy colors, soft touches, and sweet tastes and lot more. And when the location is Udaipur, the city of romance, all the feeling becomes all the more special. So with the day’s magic feel lucky that you are in the ambiance which is world famous for romance. And gear up for that special day for which the world awaits a year. So it’s high time you gear up and express you love to your loved ones. Be it parents, friends, or spouse, or girl friend and boy friend, they deserve your unconditional and unlimited love. You gotta give them whole life but you have only one day to express. Are you game for the Valentine’s Day?

All set for Valentine's Day?
All set for Valentine's Day?

Make the most of Valentine’s Day

Be it Lake Shore, Garden, a palace, or a trendy restaurant, you have a wide range of options to look for and make this Valentine’s Day a special one. Specifically, this day is for youngsters. So make the most of this event. And do not miss an opportunity to express your feelings. If you believe that proposing him or her any day will be as good as on a Valentine’s Day then stop by! Can you celebrate Diwali any other evening in the year? Can you play Holi any day in the year? Let alone any day in year, you can’t even celebrate the festival the next day, so why try hard to get a simple thing done. So it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s the day to open up your heart. And do it right away!

But obviously showing excessive courage might not be the best idea and especially when you are playing blind. If you feel that she likes you but you are trying to advance it and convert it onto love, play safe boy.

Make Valentine’s Day a private affair

Expressing your love in open amid friends or even amidst unknown people in a restaurant is more than risky. Even if she wants to say yes, she might feel embarrassed. And think if she has to deny, she, you, and everyone will find the end quite awkward.

Stay prepared to accept rejection

It’s difficult even to imagine that you love proposal might be turned down – may be politely or with angst. But that’s life my friend. Keep yourself ready for the negative result as well. And if you get rejected, ensure you do not react loudly. It will take a moment but not more than that. Stay prepared to get friendly immediately and keep a light reaction ready. This will help you both feel better. And of course if you get your love, jump with joy but still manage to keep control and demonstrate some sensibility.

The bottom line of Valentine’s Day

And finally, if you are the one of those lucky who got love way before Valentine’s Day and this is the first V-Day for you, make it large. Not by spending too much money but by having quality time. Ensure by the time you end your day you have earned healthy memories. No one’s against love if you ensure it has decorum to maintain.
Present with a lovely message, a colorful email, share poetry, play a romantic song, or gift small chocolates. I’m sure, small gifts wrapped in simple love gives unmatched happiness.
Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day

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