is a result of thorough research and understanding on the part of veteran journalist Virendra Shrivastava that Udaipur is a city much less represented on the internet. A city which is also known for it’s beautiful Lakes, Palaces, fountains, gardens, and a history of Maharana Pratap needed a proper representation on the internet.

Shrivastava started this website with lot of enthusiasm and he looks after the editorial part. Shipra Shrivastava, an avid photographer contributes as a lead photographer while the author Prashant V Shrivastava writes most of the stories for the website.


Technical aspects are looked after by Avid Web Solutions which is a fast growing and well known IT Solutions company of South Rajasthan.

About Quality of Content

The Website editor is strictly concerned about the quality of content that is rolled out of and this is why each story is checked against any mistakes and veracity of information is checked well before the Publish button is hit.


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