Since my early childhood one question has been bothering me – Why do we have a holiday on a great person’s birthday. Do no-work-at-all is a way to pay homage? This was never answered.

Bharat Bandh enforced businesses to remain closed
Bharat Bandh enforced businesses to remain closed
Now the next question was why we call a Bandh and damage public properties, disrupt common man’s life, and cause more loss to economy. Does it help us achieve bigger target? Again no one has answers. One more – We devote many hours of the day to earn money. At the end of the financial year, a man called CA comes, takes a big portion of my money and demands me an explanation of every penny I spent that year. But I always failed to find the explanation where exactly my thousands of rupees were used?

I think if such nationwide Bandh could force the government to alter their decisions, Government would have bent mere by the call of Bandh by the opposition. But it never happens. Life gets back to normal by the evening of the day when the so called Bandh was called.

This is not for one political party or other, but true with all the parties. I strongly recommend that the Bandh, Hadtaal etc can be made constitutional. Since this seems more like a law that to protest, you will have to bring live to a standstill.

Protesting against bad decisions is a birthright to us as we are in a free country but these Bandhs sponsored by political parties is clearly uncalled for. What these parties could do is call for a Bandh and then see how many people actually subscribe to their idea of Bandh. Let people decide. If they support you, they will themselves stay home, will not buy fuel, will not go to Walmart and so on.

We always blame a handful of people for bad decisions. But these bad decisions are made success by us only. If you believe that Walmart or FDI is bad thing, why do you go and buy stuff at walmart, if you believe that the movie is against our culture, do not watch that in theater, if you think fuel is excessively expensive, do not buy that, as simple as that.

Now those who feel that they have a responsibility of protecting rights of other must understand that people are as intelligent as these leaders are and sometimes more sensible. So no one needs a guideline to follow. Let people decide what’s right for them. By a vote to one person for five years cannot assure that the leader is going to kill all the problems of people. People themselves have to decide what’s correct for them.So one must start taking responsibility of life and take decisions that affect them. Neither you can rely of government for all your problems not government can swing a magic wand to resolve all problems. Simply take your decision and rest will follow.