A seminar on how to realize dreams and ideas and career counseling for children was recently held in Udaipur. “Life is not just to survive but it is meant to create something. Paint your own canvas instead of following the crowd,” these were the views expressed by the national motivational speaker and Indira Priyadarshini award winner SP Bharill. He said that you should not let others put a price tag on them, rather we should know our value. He stressed on the need to realize the self-potential and become a brand in self. Quoting an example of an expensive watch, he said that the ordinary and expensive, both watches have the same cost of a thousand rupees but one is sold in thousand while the other worths one lakh. The difference is the brand value.

Seminar on how to realize dreams
Seminar on how to realize dreams

Bharill said that when you work for others, you align your life and work with someone else’s dreams but when you decide to work for yourself, you realize your dreams.
The highly acclaimed seminar saw a sea of the crowd in Sukhadia University auditorium where organizers had to put a LED display and still some people did not find a place to sit.

People from all walks of life attended the spectacular seminar from Bharill and the inspiration to realize the dreams was literally wafting through the air. The historic career counseling and a meteorological seminar on behalf of Jain Social Group Samata was attended by more than 1500 people including children, parents, and youth.

Unlike many seminars of motivation where speakers use ages old phrases and examples, Bharill was heard speaking with practical and fresh examples. The attendees and participants were easily able to relate each of the examples with their lives. Thus overall, the presentation was much useful.

“For all 18 years of life with parents, a child generally grows up listening to pessimistic things. Parents and elder keep telling them that they are good for nothing and they will not be able to achieve anything. Parents hardly say that you can do this or that,? He questioned

He further added that this kind of negativity creates a gap between parents and children. And this is why kids look elsewhere for motivation and inspiration.
The core idea of his example was to let parents realize that they end up demotivating their wards in an attempt to invigorate their potential.
Quoting some great example of Dhirubhai Ambani and Muhammed Gauri and Prithviraj Chauhan, Bharill added that one must dream big and then work in order to achieve that. His idea was to dream big and keep attempting till the success is achieved.

Career counsellor and corporate trainer Himanshu Paliwal explained about career through a PowerPoint presentation.

As the Chief Guest, Home Minister Gulabchand Kataria said, “I have been a teacher and therefore understand the importance of education. If one field needs a massive change, that, of course, is the education.”
As a special guest, Mayor Chandrasingh Kothari, Rural MLA Pool Singh Meena, Chittorgarh Superintendent of Police Prasanna Khamsera were present. On behalf of JSG Samata, guests were felicitated with souvenirs.