Maa Bhagvati Vikas sansthan is an organization in Chitrakoot Nagar  which is looking after infant orphan babies who are found on the road, dustbin in the bushes or  river badly injured having weight of 810 grams or more. Chairman of  Ashram Devendra  Agraval  is a noted Yogrishi whose life is devoted for man kind.

A follower of Baba Ramdev  Devendra  Agrawal has got inspiration from the incident reported in media about Bhrun Hatya. Number of undeveloped embriyos upto 8 months were found here and there. To preserve humanity AND MANKIND THIS FOUNDATION WAS FOUND 4 YEARS BACK. At present 16 babies found at various places are getting nourishment in this Ashram.  Unfortunately since the establishment three babies could not be saved by doctors. Among babies Shyam of three and half year presently is getting education in nursery at Jaideep school.

BP Sharma accounts officer in urban improvement test said that we would provide education to these boys and girls in noted Delhi public school.

Sharma said that babies getting nourishment and total care in this Ashram were found in critical condition. Dr. Devendra Sarin the child specialist along with his team are providing free ICU services to these infants. Adoption of more than 20 babies were already been done. The procedure of adoption is transparent and strictly under the government rules. The convener of Ashram Devendra Agraval had no role. High level committee   considered the applications on the bases of merit ‘family status of parents. The managing committee ensured the life line security of babies. Parents before adoption have fixed deposit on the name of baby.  The hire ship of parent’s property is ensured during adoption process. Among the adopted children few are in foreign.  The hygiene and international car e

Is provided by this organization to babies. At the Ashram gate a cradle is placed . When a deprived lady put her baby on this cradle after two minutes the hooter starts hooting. Later members of sans than take the baby in the crutch.

This system is designed for safe future of the baby. In the modern era of globalization orphans and other babies foe whom a mother had to adopt the way of killing the baby to get rid of it. Now they have the option to p[ut the baby here  to get rid of it. toy look after these babies all amenities along with 24 hour medical ICU with gold medalist GNM and social workers and Aya-Ma security guards are posted. Retired DGM from Vedanta groups SL Dharmavat  along with his wife are rendering their services to these deprived infants round the clock without getting any rum ration.