Mohan Lal Sukhadia University Administrative Block
Mohan Lal Sukhadia University was honored with grade A by the NAAC team for 2014

Mohan Lal Sukhadia University once again has proved why it is a gem of the city. Recently concluded NAAC evaluation has awarded ‘A’ grade to the university. MLSU scored 3.33 marks out of 4.0. The MLSU has become eligible to be allotted a whopping budget of 60 lakhs to 300 crores for the research projects. Hitherto the max budget that University could be sanctioned was only 35 lakhs.
Apart from this, the university will be entitled for national and international level facilities and budget for international collaboration, research project, and center for excellence. Elated with this achievement, vice chancellor Professor IV Trivedi said that MLSU is 19th University in India to be awarded with the A Grade. “Marking was based on basic infrastructure, hostel, administrative facilities, research programing, sports culture, and placement,” said the VC.

Professor Indra Vardhan Trivedi, Vice Chancellor of Mohan Lal Sukhadia University
Professor Indra Vardhan Trivedi, Vice Chancellor of Mohan Lal Sukhadia University

UGC has changed the grading rules from this academic year. Earlier A++ and A+ were also grades but now UGC has made it A, B, C, and D. Universities getting C and D do not get much benefits.

IT veteran professor K Venugopalan says, “In simpler words, the varsity will not have any limitations regarding project, infrastructure, and invitation programs.”
VC of University Dr. Trivedi adds, “We will get recognition at the International level. We will be able to have linking with the International universities.”
A grade for university will obviously attract MNCs and placement will go better. With added funds and more liberty with the administration, infrastructure will be strengthened. University will also be able to produce researchers of international level as the biggest obstacle of finances will not be there.

The NAAC team also visited colleges for grading and Meera Girls College of Udaipur also was conferred with the A grade. College principal Dr. Savita Joshi expressed elation on the occasion as she said that this achievement has elevated the respect and value of the city. “Regular teaching and research work of high level is what characterize this college of Udaipur,” said Dr. Joshi.

Dedicated for overall development of female fraternity through a powerful medium of education, the college is providing a conducive environment for SC, ST, and rural girls besides urban city students.

Dr. Savita also said that many girls who take admission at lowest level of percentage end up meritorious.
Dr. Shashi Sanchihar who was the NAAC coordinator for college said that high quality of education, excellent environment, and skilled teachers have been identity of this college. “Results usually touch a mark of 90+ while in 2012-13, 77 students made it to the merit list.”

Besides regular educational activities, the college is also known for its research work. Research is going across all the departments and students are doing well. At the moment, if we peek into the statistics, there are 167 students are busy researching under guidance from 52 directors. Research papers from these students are regularly published in national as well as international journals. Citation index and impact factor of these papers is incredibly of top notch level.
Institutes like UGC have approved many financial major and minor research projects from MG College. College believes that the conducive research environment has been instrumental in winning the A grade.

Some best practices of the college such as Vaama Saksham, Maadhyam, Sweep Program, paper less accounting have been appreciated by NAAC team.